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What if you could create a classroom management plan that actually works?   

Does this Sound Familiar?

✔ Your first year teaching was a nightmare! You were not prepared at all to teach. You quickly found out that most of the teaching practices that you were taught in undergrad were not applicable to an urban classroom.

✔ You feel like your students hate you. The other teachers think you're a joke because your classroom is a zoo. Your principal is breathing down your neck every day.

✔ You've tried different strategies to refocus your students and get them to stop talking such as a clap they repeat when they hear. Nothing seems to be working! You've started to dreading going to school everyday and battling with the students.

✔ You bought a book and was hoping for more real life scenarios, specific situations, detailed suggestions. Instead you got generalities repeated over and over from one chapter to the next without any real "how to".

The book you bought provided nothing that you had not read, heard, or tried before. You feel like If you are a new teacher the classroom management books may be worth a reading because it's geared more towards elementary classrooms.

✔ Your classroom management had been exceptional last school year but now you're having a hard time with your new group of students. You want to know what to do about students who decide to play around without escalating the issues further.

If any of these statements have you " Nodding your head and saying yes!" then keep reading - you're in the right place, my friend.

imagine teaching Your lesson without interruptions! 


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You're asking yourself questions like....

Your students are running your classroom. You've been put on an improvement plan. You've read the blogs and popular recommended classroom management books, trying to piece together how to implement an effective classroom management plan but you feel like it's getting worse and nothing is working.

  • How can I improve my classroom management when I don't have the parents support?

  • I'm in a Title 1 school with mostly blacks, Hispanics, and ELL students: what if I can't connect with the students?

  • Parents have become far too disrespectful, and their children are even worse: how is this course going change that?

  • I've read most of the blogs on classroom management and still struggled with discipline all year long: how is this course any different?

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you're looking for solutions for classroom management. If you don't have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make the same mistakes, get off track, and never reach the goal of implementing an effective classroom management plan. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all! 

This is why I've created my step - by - step course, Managing Difficult Classrooms.

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I am LOVING the “Managing Difficult Classrooms” course and learning so much!

Zhenia Zamorskaia - Managing Difficult Classrooms Student


“I had a walkthrough a month ago or more and it was a complimentary one. Specifically, my Assistant Principal said that she could tell that I was teaching routines and that she was looking forward to seeing it throughout the year (that was around the time I'd been rereading the Procedures Module and making sure I was CONSISTENTLY implementing and following through. “

Nina Weston, Managing Difficult Classrooms Student


enroll now for $197 $97


Hey there!

My name is Michelle and help people like you who are tired of buying classroom management books with no real-life scenarios or no detailed suggestions for managing difficult classrooms.

A few years ago I was buying books and searching for blogs that would help me with managing students who constantly talked and were off task whenever I turned my back. I started to reflect and correct ineffective routines and procedures that weren't working with my students. The changes made a huge difference!

Now I can teach my lessons without the constant disruptions and I can't wait to help you do it too.